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Rev. Hal Milton, N.C. (Holistic Nutritional Consultant)


Available for speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, and individual consultations on eating for healing and health.

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A special seminar can be designed for you or your group with specific needs or interests


Hal Milton has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Physiology of Exercise. He has been a real estate broker and operated his own Realty & Exchange business. He holds Certification as an Advanced Rolfer™ and Movement Consultant, and is an Ordained Unity minister who has served in churches in both California and Tennessee. Hal has an extensive practical background in all of these fields of study and practices, and, as a pioneer in the Human Potential Movement, continues his strong personal commitment to healthy living. Now, in his eighth decade, Hal’s interest in Nutrition has blossomed and turned toward the importance of educating others about the value of Holistic Nutrition. He combines his wide vocabulary of body, mind, and spirit integration with a unique synthesis of practical approaches to living a healthy, full and satisfying life.


Our mission is to educate from the Eating 4 Health™ model as a way of altering eating habits that may not serve health and healing. Our intention is to inspire a permanent change in diet and life style.

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